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Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Services

TrueCADD is providing accurate and precise Finite Element Analysis and Consulting services at cost effective rates to worldwide clients.

Our FEA engineering team of experts specializes for verifying the fitness of existing facilities, optimizing new designs, evaluating new concepts and predictive performance.

Our clients range from various industries including automotive, aerospace, biomedical, chemicals, energy, electronics, geotechnical, plastics and manufacturing industries who routinely utilize our services to apply finite element analysis.

We offer the following Finite Element Analysis services to our clients worldwide:

  • Linear & Non-linear Analysis
  • FEA Dynamic and Static Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis & Modeling
  • Vibration or Seismic Analysis
  • Pipeline Analysis
  • Stress Analysis
  • Structural Analysis
  • Crash Analysis
  • Fatigue Failure analysis
  • Multi-body Dynamics Simulation
  • Buckling Analysis
  • Modal Analysis
  • FE Mesh Generation
  • FEA Modeling
  • Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA)
FEA Analysis using Ansys
FEA Analysis Solutions

Software We use: ANSYS, NASTRAN, CosmosWorks, LS-DYNA, ANSA, HyperMesh, CATIA, Pro-Mechanica

Advantages with us:

TrueCADD, being empowered with rich domain knowledge based on several years of experience, has been involved in Finite Element Analysis for wide-ranging applications.

We have extensive experience in applying FEA analysis methods to problems with dynamic or static loads, complex contact interactions and advanced nonlinear materials.

Outsource your Finite Element Analysis requirements to us and increase your returns on investment.

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