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Industrial Process Equipment Design

TrueCADD specializes in delivering industrial equipment design support to product manufacturers for the development and manufacturing of industrial products.

Our experienced team of mechanical engineers and CAD specialists develop 2D drawings, 3D models and engineering documentation for process equipment like heat exchangers, storage tanks, HVAC systems design, separators, boilers, dryers, burners and furnaces. We also assist industrial equipment design engineers to predict the product performance and optimize the CAD design early in the development process through our virtual simulation capabilities.

Combining our delivery experience of more than 10 years with technology expertise, our services help streamlining the product development by keeping in-house teams informed and thus minimizing rework to push the product to manufacturing faster.

We utilize SolidWorks, Inventor, Creo, SolidEdge and AutoCAD for 2D drafting and solid modeling requirements along with simulation packages like ANSYS Mechanical and ANSYS Fluent. TrueCADD has remained a critical design support partner for industrial equipment manufacturers spread across USA, UK, Europe, Middle East, Australia & APEC regions.

Heat Exchanger and Pressure Vessels design support services we offer

We deliver design support services for right from manufacturing and assembly drawings of smallest components of such as tie rods, baffles, plates, shell, dish heads, channel plates, etc. to engineering analysis of the entire heat exchange unit.

At TrueCADD, we ensure safe pressure vessel designs that adhere to ASME BPVC and other country specific regulations and guidelines to empower pressure vessel fabricators stay ahead in markets. We primarily deliver design support for shell, head, nozzle heads, saddle supports, leg support, cylinders, storage tanks, etc. as per the standards.

We employ SOLIDWORKS, Inventor, AutoCAD, PTC Creo, and Solid Edge to deliver design drafts and ANSYS Mechanical and ANSYS Fluent for detailed engineering, structural and thermal analysis of heat exchanger and pressure vessels used across oil and gas, chemical processing industry, food processing, HVACR, paper and pulp processing plants.

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