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Construction Documentation Process

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What is construction documentation?

Construction documents incorporate all building plans, supporting documents and specifications utilized during the completion of a construction project. These are comprehensive drawings offering sequential data as regards to each step of the construction process to all involved such as contractors, builders, etc.

Construction documents serve several purposes. They help in translating the needs to the owner or developer into a build-able format, which can be universally comprehended within the construction industry. They also allow the owner to obtain permits from local authorities and to put the project out for bid.

Construction documents also provide comprehensive instructions to the contractor with regard to how the project should be constructed.


The creation of a set of construction documents begins with a developer or an owner. This could include a medical facility, a government agency a store operator or a school district. When one of these developers or owners requires a new building, he or she approaches an architect to begin the designing. The architect drafts several sets of building plans.

The owner modifies and approves the drafts at each stage before the designing can be continued. A set of completed construction documents is made up of two to three components.

The final inclusive set of plans is on average described as the “100% construction documents,” or simply as “CDs.”

Where does construction documents phase take place in the Architectural design process?

Construction Documentation phase serves as the third step of an architectural design process. The design development stage begins after the conceptual design is reviewed and approved by the respective client.

The construction documents are created following these:

  • Preparation of computer aided designs, sketches, drawings, study models and 3D CAD architectural designs.
  • Detailing of plans, sectional detail drawings and elevations drawings of the building are developed.
  • CAD preparations or manual drawings are prepared that illustrate some of the important technical details.

Construction documentation services are generally provided to clients in the following ways:

  1. The client provides the drawings, plans, elevations and sections following the design development phase, where the construction documents service providers coordinate with various services and verify for discrepancies in drawings, if any.
  2. Construction documents service providers’ code experts begin checking code requirements side-by-side in terms of fire and life safety issues.
  3. Construction documents service providers begin work on drawings of elevation, dimensioning, sections and wall sections, calculating and tagging the number of detail drawings on completion of planning.
  4. Then the construction documents service providers begin developing details of critical construction area as indicated by the basic sketch provided by the clients.
  5. Finally the detail tags in plans, elevation and sections are prepared.
  6. The drawings are then subjected to a multifold quality check in order to ensure maximum quality and accuracy.
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