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Drone Images & Videos Supported With BIM Prodigy Pace Up Infrastructure Construction Projects

Drone Images & Videos Supported With BIM

Advanced construction projects are privileged & fly drones or quad copters weekly for aerial progress photos. Few of the projects can afford to fly drones daily or multiple times in a day depending on project documentation needs. Things that are visible in the aerial photos are not evident from photos taken on the ground. It provides accurate and timely information to schedule work for the next day.

Hopefully automated drone flights will take place at least once a day for progress photos when an activity is taking place on the jobsite, like a concrete pour or steel erection.

General contractor, Construction and insurance companies can rely on drone usage for investigating building warranty claims, settling disputes with subcontractors and routine progress photos as well.

Barring the regulatory hurdles, with automated flights, there will be no looking back in terms of more-frequent aerial progress updates, photos to generate point clouds, which can be used for creating 3D models of work in progress. It will not be anything less than a revolution from precision perspective; through which contractors will and can gauge progress to keep projects on schedule and budgets in check.

Drone images for creating digital as-built models

Drone images backed up with BIM prodigy; can speed up the infrastructure construction work of arenas or stadiums as we know. They are the most costly, lengthiest and also are the projects with multiple complexities. Drones flying at construction sites of arenas, capture images and videos with high-resolution, of the work-in-progress, which are used to feed predictive visual data analytic tools. These data analytic tools automate and streamline time-consuming practices to successfully monitor construction progress.

Further these analytics are combined with images and videos taken with camera drones with four dimensional BIM, to immediately identify and visually communicate performance challenges during construction projects via smartphones and tablets of all those involved in the construction project, may it be on-site or off-site.

Color-coded 3D visual production models are generated to conveniently inform all those involved in the construction project about at-risk locations on a project site. This information will enable stakeholders to prioritize challenges based on the construction plan of the arena, and take corrective actions required to improve the reliability of short-term project plans and develop enhanced workflows for construction.

The visuals provide real time report of work accomplished with help of unordered images that are collected from any device; even from smartphones.

All construction professionals, on-site and off-site, are empowered to interact with 3D visual production models to assess the work in progress across the construction project.

Conducting quality control checks by comparing as-built models with specifications, for improving the safety through clear and immediate understanding of potential hazards is also an added advantage. Analytics conducted on these survey-grade 3D visual production models provide the construction managers with a transparent view of exactly what’s happening on site every day. This ultimately empowers them to improve reliability in short-term plans and helps in eliminating challenges even before they arise.

Flying drones are a means for construction partners to come together and use technology in revolutionary manner. It helps them in meeting their goals, manage production schedules and costs, and can become a resource that connects all the partners like never before. The most powerful thing about drone technology is that it draws attention to construction elements in the schedule, irrespective of location, in 3D. This streamlines the management of weekly or fortnightly work planning efforts, by allowing visualizing and mitigating potential risks to construction schedules.

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