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Automotive OEM & Auto Ancillaries

TrueCADD partners with automotive OEM and ancillaries to provide design support designing and manufacturing of high quality automotive products.

We primarily deliver digital design information for conceptual as well as detailed product design development through 2D manufacturing drawings, assembly drawings and 3D CAD models for automotive components. Our strength in CAD modeling lies across all the crucial automotive parts and sub-systems such as body, chassis, powertrain and interior. With accurate product manufacturing information, we minimize errors, reduce engineering lead time and allow stakeholders to push the design to manufacturing faster. Our experience with reverse engineering further allows us to develop detailed CAD drawings and 3D models for product designs that are obsolete.

To allow manufacturers to meet performance challenges, we also perform virtual testing through FEA and CFD simulations, allowing design engineers to predict the product behavior prior to actual manufacturing and take key design decisions without affecting the development schedule. TrueCADD also provides rapid prototyping services for automotive products to control design iterations and evaluate the design better.

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