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Revit Structural Services

Our structural services include design support and drafting along with design analysis to aid contractors and structural engineers work side-by-side with easy coordination in Revit.

With the assistance of our outraced Revit® structure services, structural engineers can take benefit of structural analytical model improvement and intensified support for structural aspect. We specialize in powerful Revit features that enable models to be developed more quickly and thus resulting in better construction models.

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Advantages of utilizing Revit structural services:

  • Advanced 3D modeling and connection design
  • Accurate automatic drawings generation
  • Boost collaboration
  • Estimating and MIS integration
  • Minimize errors with digital documentation
  • Re-distributable collaborative tools
  • Automated elemental connection with CAD macros

We also take projects for creating Revit families of components including beams, columns, retaining walls, foundation, joints, trusses, etc. to easily replicate them and save time.

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