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Point Cloud to BIM Services

Creating intelligent 3D BIM models from point cloud data in Revit

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High Precision Point Cloud to BIM Services

At TrueCADD, our BIM modelling experts convert point cloud and laser survey data into data rich 3D BIM models using Autodesk Revit®. We specialized in compiling millions of data points and relevant images from the site to create detailed 3D BIM models for expansion of complex projects, restoration of heritage buildings to phased retrofitting projects.

Our point cloud to BIM cater to all types of architectural, structural and MEP elements and thereby help surveyors, architects, retailers and contractors stay profitable. Our scan to BIM modeling services enables coordination of existing structures with a new one or to create a topographic map of the data for retrofitting of facilities.

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Whether you use Kubit, Leica CloudWorx or any other laser survey tool to collect point cloud data, we accept all type of inputs and process 3D point cloud data to deliver highly refined building information 3D models.

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Our Point Cloud Scan to BIM services includes:

  • Tracing and surface reconstruction from point cloud data by efficient management of high volumes of scanned data.
  • Point cloud to BIM solutions and as-built 3D model development.
  • Convert laser scan data into 3D information rich BIM models for architectural, structural and MEP requirements.
  • Creating information rich 3D BIM Models from 3D scan data captured by a drone.
  • Developing 2D floor plans, elevation and sections from scanned data.
  • Reconstructing the scanned geometry by surface tracing into BIM models with NURBS and polygons.

We have successfully completed large scale point cloud to BIM projects for renovation, retrofit & building restoration projects. We provide valuable BIM consulting inputs & insights on point cloud modeling or scan to CAD conversion for our BIM partners in the USA, UK, Canada, Europe & Australia.

Turn your point cloud file into accurate Revit model based on your scanned data.

The TrueCADD Advantage for your Point Cloud to BIM modeling needs:

What our Clients Say

Vishal’s project understanding and communication has been much appreciated and played a major role in the overall project success at present. The final product quality has set a high benchmark which we should aim to continue working to in the future.

– Senior Surveyor, Commercial & Residential Construction Firm, Australia

Why you should outsource your Scan to BIM requirements to us?

  • Accurate and efficient as-built BIM modeling for further expansion and renovations.
  • Precise cost estimations based on point cloud to BIM models.
  • Convert point cloud scans into clash-free BIM models for comprehensive building, facility or infrastructure analysis.
  • Hassle-free renovations or refurbishments even when the facility is operational.
  • Generate working drawings, elevations, sections and project documentation from the 3D BIM model.
  • Detailed as-built MEP models from point cloud data.
  • Better onsite productivity through coordination and collaboration of various onsite and offsite teams.
  • Generate streamlined schedules for materials, equipment and other onsite resources.

We help you convert 3D cameras images, point cloud survey data into Revit models.

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