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Level of Development (LOD)

Excellent design details with accurate LOD.

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Precision for your BIM models with LOD framework 100 – 500

Level of development (LOD) is an industry standard that defines various development stages of the construction projects in BIM. LOD augments 3D models through a numerical lexicon to achieve shared understanding among stakeholders for effective and clear communication among disciplines.

“It’s a stepping stone to get from document deliverables to model deliverables. This particular stepping stone is the tool that levels expectations between different stakeholders and provides an apples-to-apples comparison.” says James Vandezande, AIA

With over 25 years of expertise, experience and exposure to the AEC sector, we excel in developing coordinated 3D BIM models in Revit with LOD similar to detailed Gantt charts that help you stay updated on planned progress v/s actual onsite progress.

BIM LOD 300 Modeling for Public Park as per AIA Standards

TrueCADD developed a clash free architectural BIM model using AIA standards for a public park in California, USA displaying creativity using LOD 300 in Revit and Navisworks. The client saved on negative cash flow with accurate BOQ/BOM and reduced rework due to a coordinated error free BIM model.

3D Rendered
3D BIM for Public Park
3D Model of Public Park
BIM Modeling Public Park
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Our BIM modeling services include creating accurate 3D clash free models with LOD 100-500 to enable architects, engineers, contractors, construction firms, drafters and design consultants to articulate component geometry and information evolution through various project stages. We have successfully implemented BIM projects for various construction firms using Levels of Development from LOD 100 to 500 as per their needs and requirements

Why Level of Development (LOD) should be adopted for BIM projects?

Revit modeling experts at TrueCADD deliver 3D BIM models that conform to industry LOD specifications including LOD 100 – LOD 500 for enhanced model clarity and detailed design.

  • Quickly review building designs
  • Calculate accurate quantities
  • Create better project handover and establish better communication with subcontractors, fabricators etc.
  • Integrate quantity takeoff with other applications like cost estimation, scheduling and gain higher efficiency
Level of Development (LOD)

What our Clients Say

You guys are excellent to work with – highly proactive, meeting all deadlines and very good at communicating. Would love to do business with you again.

– National BIM Manager, Leading Retirement Village New Zealand

Leverage industry-developed standards for your project with a LOD Framework.

Our LOD adoption as classified by the American Institute of Architects (AIA)

We deliver LOD for different levels at internationally accepted standards.

Level of Development vs Level of Detail

At TrueCADD, we understand that while both level of development and level of detail are abbreviated as LOD, they both mean different things.

The Level of Detail talks about the graphical details that are added to a model. The Level of Development is a measure of gravity of information represented by a BIM element, developed by AIA where development refers to the level of certainty about an object.

For contractors, details like manufacturer and model number are of utmost importance. LOD models created in Revit signify the amount and type of information required by various project stakeholders for specific purposes.

Advantages of outsourcing BIM services to us:

  • Easily define model utility and reliability
  • Mitigate 2D workflows for cost savings
  • Use accurate LOD for high-quality models
  • Make informed decisions based on accurate quantities
  • Help design managers identify design intricacies
  • Set model usability & limitations received by stakeholders
  • Set inclusion aspects in BIM deliverables with LOD documents
  • Gain accurate models with quick turnaround time

Optimize your construction project design with Revit BIM.

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