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Sheet Metal Design

Reduce material scrap with accurate sheet metal design drafting services

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CAD drawings for sheet metal fabrication

Sheet metal products have customized fabrication approach based on the type of metal, sheet thickness, process of fabrication, tolerances etc. Fabricators get caught up in perfecting the final product that they end up having lengthy design cycles.

TrueCADD’s experts eliminate these shortfalls by delivering 2D sheet metal fabrication drafting services along with annotated 3D modeling for clear design communication across design and manufacturing teams. We create detailed manufacturing documents like nesting reports, BoM, cut and sheer lists etc. for various types of metal sheets and alloys to help you plan fabrication approach.

  • Software AutoCAD
  • Software Inventor
  • Software SolidWorks
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Get the perfect finish for fabricated metal products

We develop sheet metal fabrication drawings with geometric dimensions and tolerances considering your machine shop capabilities, approach and inputs. Our teams collaborate with sheet metal contractors, doors and windows manufacturers, and other custom metal product manufacturers to fabricate products with perfect finish.

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30+ SolidWorks and DriveWorks certified engineers
30+ SolidWorks and DriveWorks certification
2500+ projects executed
2500+ projects executed
18+ Steel Door Institute certified engineers
18+ Steel Door Institute certified engineers
Well-versed engineering teams across AutoCAD®, Inventor®, Creo etc.
Well-versed engineering teams
Round the clock dedicated teams
Round the clock dedicated teams
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Services we offer for sheet metal design drafting

From developing initial 3D models for design approvals to creating final shop drawings with gauge table consideration, we deal with a range of fabricated sheet metal products like steel stairs, industrial racks and shelving systems, furniture and workstations, balconies, and more. Based on your industry and geography we deliver drawings as per ANSI, ASME, TEMA, BS etc. drawing standards for uniform design communication.

  • Nesting reports with DXF files, part drawings, and assembly and installation guides
  • Manufacturing drawings for bending, boring, drilling, extruding, punching, curls, indents, etc.
  • Design automation for bespoke sheet metal products like doors, panels, shelves, windows, etc.
  • Weldment designing for sheet metal parts.
  • 3D models with bends, collars, edges, flanges, miter, ribs, swept flanges, and much more considering DFM guidelines.
  • SolidWorks flat pattern drafting for CNC machining and laser and plasma cutting.
  • CAD conversion from image, PDF, and other such formats of legacy design data.
  • Sheet metal part designing with k-factor as per DFM guidelines.

We deliver excellence for CAD drafting for a range of sheet metal products

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