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Revit Automation Services

Enhance your project ROI with powerful Revit automation

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Automate tedious tasks with the power of Revit and Dynamo

Save time and enhance project productivity using Revit

Revit® automation enables you to automate repetitive tasks. Revit Dynamo Plugins, API and Macros help project teams become more productive with the help of customized scripts.

Our Revit automation experts streamline laborious tasks & standardize them to help you save time and money. We assist BIM companies and construction firms to generate automated Revit 3D models, validate design criteria, generate reports, and leverage model modifications. Our Revit automation services enable architects, contractors, BIM engineers, BIM project managers, designers and AEC firms to ease BIM modeling tasks for a variety of construction projects and multiple modeling and drafting tasks.

At TrueCADD, we automate building design processes and enhance productivity using Revit Dynamo scripts.

Automate workflows


Generate quick schedules

Generate quick

Enhance model performance

Enhance model

Better task scheduling

Better task

Standardized design visualization

Standardized design

Our Revit engineers implement a visual programming environment for Revit that can manipulate data, explore design prototypes, create geometry and optimize BIM design workflow. We help you share BIM content, solve geometric errors with visualization, automate repetitive tasks and access building information with our Revit automation services.

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Our Revit Automation services using Dynamo include:

  • Generating project visualizations from data in Excel
  • Automating time-consuming tasks
  • Customizing scripts for Revit MEP models
  • Creating large datasheets for various objects/spaces such as rooms, equipment and furniture
  • Cleaning up models and delivering it to clients
  • Better administrative tools and project level security
  • Leverage remote management of tasks in the pipeline
  • Scheduling automated project backups to various file formats
  • Building detailed sheets for GA drawings, shop drawings, fabrication drawings; calculate gross floor area, etc.
  • Building clear task groups and project sequencing

Save time & money by streamlining design using Revit automation.

Boost your design process with API & Macros


Construction companies and BIM project teams use an API to build Add-Ins to simplify project workflows and accomplish BIM goals. At TrueCADD, we offer Revit Dynamo automation services using APIs to help you standardize design workflows by simplifying setup, modeling and interdisciplinary coordination within the Revit model.

Our experienced design automation teams work extensively to build powerful APIs that integrate and collaborate with various applications. We help you create, explore and extend the functionality of Revit and build codes to automate repetitive tasks.


Macros are a series of user-defined commands that are generated through the Revit API. Customizing Revit functionality with Macros allows project teams to tailor Revit as per specific tasks, for greater efficiency.

Macros are converted to add-ins, as macros are easier to create. These macros are stored in Revit project files and can be executed from Revit directly. Our Revit automation experts have ability to create codes / scripts and automate tasks which helps you develop robust 3D BIM models that save you on hundreds of hours on every project.

Advantages of using our Revit Automation Services

Customized scripting solutions for clients

Customized scripting solutions for clients

Enhanced ROI based on an optimized Revit workflow

Enhanced ROI based on an optimized Revit workflow

Speed up project time with automation

Speed up project time with automation

Better model performance with visual programming

Better model performance with visual programming

Provide analysis and reports for additional insights

Access to analysis and reports for additional insights

Quick project delivery and better outcomes

Quick project delivery and better outcomes

Explore various design options

Explore various design options

Test project performance through simulations

Test project performance through simulations

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