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5D BIM – Cost Estimating

Capitalize on 5D BIM to leverage construction cost estimation

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Delivering accurate cost estimates with detailed 5D models

A 5D BIM model includes construction cost estimation based on material quantities produced from model-based data. 4D scheduling adds the time factor to a 3D information rich BIM model while the integration of a 5D cost estimate predicts the most realistic figures, identifying and resolving potential inconsistencies in project estimations at the initial stages of your construction project.

At TrueCADD, we provide 5D BIM cost estimation services using Navisworks® to improve budgeting, enable cost-based schedules and showcase interactive forecasts to visualize agile comparisons. Our Revit® engineers effectively minimize project time and cost based on better accuracy, project predictability and scope changes thereby reducing onsite waste and rework. Our 5D BIM modeling services allow architects, estimators, engineers, manufacturers, materials suppliers, and subcontractors to share a single view of the entire project in real-time.

Our accurate 5D cost estimation services include:

Reduce material wastage and bring down the construction cost.

Expert 5D BIM solutions delivered by TrueCADD

We offer 5D cost estimation services within stipulated time to help you evaluate the design and construction process based on your budgeting requirements.

At TrueCADD, we assist engineers and contractors to integrate cost estimates with BIM along with time and schedule data in IFC (open standard) format to be used in any BIM visualizing or authoring system (Revit, Navisworks).

Our BIM 5D modeling solutions help you keep track of the cost incurred at every stage of construction and deliver substantial benefits in terms of cost estimation to several large scale construction projects. We help you enhance budgets and create forecasts by building cost-loaded schedules and making agile comparisons based on model and cost adjustments.

Improve design for your BIM project with 5D cost estimation services.

Benefits of 5D BIM outsourcing services:

  • Accurate cost estimation & forecasting.
  • Precise quantity takeoff’s & material cost estimates.
  • Better collaboration among project stakeholders.
  • Material procurement based on updated material lists.
  • Enhanced BIM models at various LOD 100 – 500.
  • Cost-effective pricing without any quality compromises.
  • Highly precise conversion of 4D to 5D BIM models.
  • Complete data privacy and confidentiality.

Get higher ROI on your construction project by reducing project cost and time.

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