DriveWorks Implementation

Simplified Sales

Offer guided sales and step-by-step instruction to your customers. Instantly share accurate sales quotes with product data, 3D models, and installation guidelines.

User Forms for Guided Configuration

Create online user-forms that can be filled up by the online visitor or sales reps as per their product specification needs and providing up-to-date information.

Immersive 3D Experience

Let your customer design their products by choosing geometrical specifications, aesthetics, and other features using a real-time update in SolidWorks 3D models.

Product Document Automation

Enable sharing personalized product documents such as sales quotes, 3D models, installation guides, invoice, etc. to the customer within minutes of order placement.

Superior Quality

Raise the bars for quality of customized products by eliminating any design errors with a predefined logical-rules engine for design calculations and BoM creation.

Data Integration for Exchange

Connect the DriveWorks configurator to SolidWorks as well as any database such as CRM, ERP, SCM, etc. to achieve compete automation from sales to manufacturing.

We help you set up an agile sales process for profitability

DriveWorks experts generate forms for user-defined design specification to enable faster design cycle and send real-time alerts to the shop floor.

We help you leverage the benefit of DriveWorks to immediately generate 100% accurate BoM and custom sales quotes for your customers and win more sales. We eliminate repetitive modeling tasks, 2D manufacturing drawing by implementing rules-based configurator tailored to your product line and capabilities.

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How DriveWorks implementation helps you achieve your targets

Receive sales orders only for the products your engineers can manufacture

For Sales Teams

Our DriveWorks implementation team helps you develop an online interactive interface for sales team and customers to ensure design intent clarity.

We integrate the visual configurator with enterprise database to help you win more deals by providing accurate product information at the time of sales. You get the opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell, roll-out discounts, offers and much more by collaborating with our SolidWorks and DriveWorks specialists.

For Engineers and Designers

With extensive knowledge of automation tools, our DriveWorks consultants help you analyze and implement the scope of automation across the project lifecycle.

We examine your internal flow requests to shorten design cycles, create versatile master models in SolidWorks to enable maximum customization, and benefit from latest and accurate BoMs. You get to cut your designers slack and deploy your task force for design research, and save time and cost.

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Explore Our DriveWorks Plugins

Improve DriveWorks efficacy with our add-ons

  • Copy Files Specification Task

    Enable overwriting of files and copying two or more files at a time from one folder to another specific location.

  • FileZilla Upload Download Specification Task

    Cut the time taken to upload and download the files from web hosting server with FileZilla FTP client's add-on features.

  • Delete Files Specification Task

    Discard all the files created during DriveWorks generation process for workflows automation from any specific location.

  • Delete Configurations Generation Task

    Using our task extension library, you get to delete multiple configurations from assembly or part by saving time.

  • Merge PDF Specification Task

    Ease your efforts to maintain, save and share the documents generated through DriveWorks as a single email attachment.

  • Convert HTML to PDF

    Convert all the online product documents such as invoices, sales documents etc. from DriveWorks Live into PDF format for sharing.

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