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Building Design & Construction

TrueCADD delivers CAD and BIM services for building construction industry to assist construction firms and contractors in efficiently planning, designing, constructing and operating building facilities.

Our engineers and BIM specialists develop intelligent design information for architectural, structural and MEP design requirements in residential, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings. From converting sketches to detailed 2D drafts for floor plan and elevation plan to 3D modeling and rendering, we develop digital design information using cutting-edge technology tools.

With our experience in BIM, we further improve collaboration between stakeholders in the building development process by developing BIM workflows with required level of detail (LOD). Over a span of more than 10 years, TrueCADD has delivered design support and BIM services for major retail, hospital, institutional, hotel and plant construction projects. We also deliver scan-to-BIM services to develop intelligent workflows for renovation projects.

As a USGBC member, we also support energy efficiency goals for building design projects and assist firms and building owners in developing buildings that consume less energy and remain profitable throughout the lifecycle. In addition to our AEC capabilities, we also have a team of mechanical engineers and simulation experts that assist in evaluating the building structural designs, HVAC systems, mechanical, electrical and waste water systems to ensure that buildings operate at low cost and fewer resources.

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Our engineers make use of AutoCAD, Revit, Tekla, eQuest, DiaLux, ReLUX and other leading CAD modeling and simulation tools for building projects. At TrueCADD, we primarily deliver CAD and BIM services to clients across USA, Canda, UK, Europe, Middle East, Australia & APEC regions.

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