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Heavy Machinery

At TrueCADD, we provide mechanical design services to manufacturers of heavy machinery through expertise in developing digital design information to reduce engineering lead time and thus keep the businesses productive and profitable.>

Our engineers develop 2D manufacturing drawings, fabrication drawings and detailed 3D models for heavy machinery or heavy equipment and special purpose machines like construction equipment, farming equipment, excavators, earth movers and material handlers.

Keeping stakeholders informed throughout the conceptual design and actual manufacturing, our engineers minimize rework, enhance collaboration and develop quality products and equipment faster. We also perform reverse engineering for heavy machineries to assist manufacturers in recovering obsolete design data.

TrueCADD also excels in delivering virtual product testing services using simulation tools, which provides manufacturers the ability to identify product behavior early during the design phase and make necessary changes quickly. For over a decade, we have been delivering design support to clients spread across USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Australia & APEC regions.

Heavy Machinery Design Services we offer:

Our engineering team makes use of solid modeling tools such as SolidWorks, Inventor, Creo and SolidEdge as well as simulation tools like ANSYS Mechanical and ANSYS Fluent for design testing and validation requirements.

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