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Mechanical Design Services

We specialize in offering mechanical design solutions to engineering clients globally, with a team of expert CAD professionals and state-of-the-art technological capabilities.

Whether developing a new mechanical product design or revamping existing designs, we help manufacturers in shortening the product development time to provide a competitive edge in the market.

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Service Offerings:

CAD Conversion

We convert raw product design data in PDF or other non-editable formats to editable, manufacturing ready CAD drawings as well as provide support for design data migration to new CAD platforms.

Mechanical Drafting

Our CAD professionals convert conceptual product ideas to detailed fabrication drawings for production requirements, allowing shop floor engineers to get the required design information for product manufacturing.

3D Modeling

We develop 3D CAD models from rough sketches and manufacturing drawings to allow manufacturers to improve design communication across all the departments.

Reverse Engineering

With reverse engineering services, we assist manufacturers and product designers to determine original product design intent and develop new designs from existing ones.

Rapid Prototyping

Our mechanical engineers provide support for rapid prototyping to comprehensively assess their conceptual designs through physical models developed using additive manufacturing techniques.

Finite Element Analysis

Our FEA specialists assist manufacturers in optimizing their product design, predict failures prior to actual development and improve time-to-market the product to remain competitive.

CFD Analysis

We also provide CFD based design solutions to engineering clients and help identify product behavior right from the early design stages.

Technical Publication

Our technical documentation service is aimed to develop technical manuals for engineering organizations, to help them take informed decisions.

Software We Use

Software we use

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