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BIM for Engineers

BIM for Engineers

BIM is a useful technology for civil engineers, structural engineers, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers alike. It gives the engineering team a better insight into the construction process of a building.

TrueCADD, has a team of MEP designers, contractors, MEP manufacturers, fabricators, consultants and MEP installers. We extend our BIM expertise to engineers working on projects across several residential buildings, commercial complexes, corporate and office buildings, schools, hospitals and infrastructural developments.

BIM for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineers

Offering Revit MEP BIM services is our core expertise. We provide BIM design, drawings and 3D models with complete HVAC codes, plumbing, pipe work, fire safety and electrical plan details to MEP engineers. BIM is an efficient information management tool; it reflects any construction design changes through all the sections in real time. This reduces the chances of clashes and keeps all the engineering teams on the same page.

At TrueCADD, we target our MEP BIM services towards offering engineers a complete and accurate overview of the project. However, these services can also be extremely beneficial for MEP designers and MEP consultants. Engineers can use our MEP BIM expertise to model, document and coordinate an array of elements like mechanical, electrical, HVAC and fire protection systems. We convert 2D blueprints into Revit, and further extend support through the scheduling and costing process.

BIM for Structural Engineers

BIM extends major support to structural engineers involved in a construction project by providing accurate details about the material and resources required for the construction. This enables estimation of the required materials and hence allows accurate cost estimation. Unlike a regular 3D model, BIM is a sophisticated technology that provides structural engineers with building geometry, building properties and geographic information.

BIM not only provides a realistic view of a building but also gathers accurate information pertaining to a building and gives the engineer a clear perspective on the building's lifespan. Structural engineers can thus easily visualize and plan a building construction before the building process starts.

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