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Improve building performance with BIM services for Architects.

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Design Remarkable Buildings with BIM for Architects

TrueCADD offers a range of BIM coordination services for architects. Our visualization, coordination, collaboration, and analysis has given architects the capacity to deliver complex projects in reduced timelines. We also assist design firms to create multiple design prototypes with BIM to enhance design performance and produce high-quality architectural deliverables.

Our BIM experts have successfully assisted architects and building surveyors on various architectural projects globally as per AIA standards to improve quality and accelerate design processes. We work with various architectural teams to build integrated workflows and work on collaborative models to improve designs as per client requirements.

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BIM for Architects

Our BIM Offerings for Architects

High Quality 3D BIM Solutions for Architects

TrueCADD is a one-stop solution to leverage the benefits of architectural BIM services. We offer high-quality design services for architects, with a thorough understanding of client requirements for schematic design, design development, and construction documentation. Our winning projects for architectural BIM include retail showrooms, healthcare, airports, university buildings, commercial projects, high-rise buildings, and more.

We create 3D BIM collaborated models for architects based on sketches, 2D drawings, pictures, PDF etc. We make sure our clients foresee building aesthetics before the actual construction begins, thereby enabling greater understanding and project control.

Our partnerships include a global clientele that includes projects from the USA, UK, Europe, Canada, and Australia.

How BIM helps architects to improve building design and construction

Your BIM preconstruction partner is here to assist you.

TrueCADD: BIM Coordination Services for Architects

As an end-to-end BIM service provider, we support architects, to resolve a myriad of architectural challenges. Architects can get complete control of the project, explore multiple design options and drive better management.

We assist you with reliable construction sequencing and cost estimation for various design projects. Our BIM services for architects enable greater sustainability, by making projects cost effective for clients. We help you gain greater client satisfaction by providing customized deliverables.

Benefits of Outsourcing BIM Services for Architects

  • Quick design and constructability checks.
  • Comprehensive model visualization and review.
  • Error-free construction documentation.
  • Easy model coordination with structure and MEPF.
  • Precise data on building analysis and sustainability.
  • Fast and easy architectural design prototypes.
  • Reliable cost estimation for multiple design options.

We cater to various BIM sectors

Improve coordination and productivity of projects with our architectural BIM services.

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