Level of Development (LOD)

At TrueCADD, our BIM deliverables conform to Level of Development (LOD – 100 to 500) with high level of clarity and reliability. These development models are purpose built for various stages of design, 3D visualization, construction-caliber quantities, scheduling, estimations, on-site production control and fabrication.
Level of Development (LOD)

We deliver LOD for different levels as classified by American institute of Architects (AIA):

The LOD framework enables effective and accurate planning and tracking of several facets of the project delivery process. These purpose built models will hence enable you to gain better control over projects, streamline workflows and increase productivity.

Level of Development Vs Level of Detail

While both level of development and level of detail are abbreviated as LOD they both mean different things. LOD where D stands for detail talks about the graphical details that are added to a model, however level of development is a measure of how seriously you take the information represented by a BIM element. The level of development – is a reasonable concept developed by AIA where development refers to the level of certainty about an object.

For example if you are contractor – you do not need to know how the element looks, however what is more important is what is the manufacturer number and model number. Similarly the amount and type of information needed by various professionals for varied purposes differs.

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