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BIM for General Contractors

BIM for General Contractors

TrueCADD, extends BIM services for general contractors empowering them with better control over their construction projects. Armed with BIM technology, contractors can utilize accurate data, deliver better coordination and make better decisions. They can effectively eliminate inefficiencies and plan their projects well to reduce cost and ensure better outcomes in less time.

Outsourcing BIM services can generate profits for general contractors; it offers them higher returns on investments.

General contractors can use the BIM based simulations and renderings for presentation to their clients, the BIM based thoughtful design approaches can help them bag the best projects.

BIM further enables accurate clash detection, even before the construction process starts. This drastically improves construction planning and implementation of the project thus helps complete the project with more efficiency in lesser time.

BIM allows off-site fabrication; this means that on-site fabrication process becomes more accurate and faster. It also means that there are fewer clashes and hence less iterations during construction, it saves a lot of expenses and improves yard management activities.

Our BIM expertise includes:

3D BIM Modeling

BIM MEP Coordination

Green BIM

We offer BIM as a part of the IPD (integrated project delivery) process hence enabling a framework that allows reduced wastage and streamlines construction projects.

We have extended BIM construction services to an array of projects for residential buildings, infrastructural facilities, commercial complexes, retail stores, housing schemes, institutional construction for schools, hospitals etc.

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