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Advantages of using Dynamo with Revit for large scale BIM projects

Advantages of using Dynamo with Revit for large scale BIM projects

Revit BIM has its limitations in executing large scale construction projects such narrow compatibility of data export-import and multi-dimensional coordination. Dynamo adds accuracy, speed, and transparency to the BIM design processes by doing away with repetitive tasks and enhancing collaboration.

Large scale BIM projects involve complex construction designs, heavy documentation, and multi-dimensional communication workflows. Revit® has brought significant advantages to the BIM design process. However, its limitations like lack of backward compatibility of models, hinder smooth cross-discipline work. Dynamo changes the game by making Revit operations accessible through visual programming. It widens the scope of design automation, collaboration, and project coordination.

Thus, the Revit-Dynamo combo has become a sort of golden pair in BIM design workflows. From automation of documentation to auto-updating of parameter changes, Dynamo reduces errors and wastage, and expedites design and project execution.

TrueCADD’s demonstrated experience working on large scale construction projects using Dynamo has shown a 50% time reduction and over 15% cost savings. Automating with Dynamo has also allowed much better collaboration and management of BIM models. Dynamo’s ability to import and export data from and to Excel, helps to incorporate knowledge from earlier projects into current ones.


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Limitations of Revit BIM

Large construction and infrastructural projects like multistoried buildings and bridges involve complex design criteria, tight budgets, and stringent project timelines. Revit helps to solve many of these challenges with its ‘families’ and parametric modeling, but it also has its limitations.

  • Accidental modifications can make models unusable. Cleaning up and annotating drawings again requires significant work
  • Lack of interoperability between various BIM software
  • There is lack of backward compatibility in Revit models
  • Copying a model-in-place family for reuse, creates a new family adding to the file size
  • There is no automated changelog

Reduce design errors with precise insights using Dynamo.

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Benefits of using Dynamo with Revit for design automation

Automation with Dynamo adds accuracy, speed, and transparency in BIM data design processes, making it particularly suitable for large construction projects.

Some of the major benefits of using Dynamo in large scale BIM projects include:

Improved design insights

Dynamo allows user-friendly creation of visual scripts that are guided, and rule based. Designer can add multiple design constraints and checks on designs. Dynamo automation allows enhanced visualization for geometry, functionality and engineering data management on quantities, materials, weights, and costs. Accurate design and data insights radically cut down design errors.

An architectural and engineering service company in Europe needed to digitize their portfolio for 10,000+ residential units for better asset management. The team at TrueCADD created 3D BIM models and used Dynamo with Revit to automate the modeling process. The use of automation enabled the client to:

  • Save 50% on time
  • Save 18% on cost
  • Gain quality deliverables with 100% accuracy

Quick options for optimized design

Dynamo, integrated within Revit design workflows, promotes generative design to access and use multiple prototypes for large-scale buildings. Multiple designs on the click of a button open opportunities to optimize construction design, energy, material, usage and building style.

Improved design evaluation

Dynamo allows multi-directional design reviews while working on large BIM models. It quickly generates ‘what if’ scenarios by changing design parameters for various viable options. Revit bolstered by Dynamo automation can achieve greater QA/QC for large-scale projects, leading to high-quality and valid 3D BIM models. An integrated approach allows in-depth reviews of multiple construction designs against project criteria on quality, cost, and time. This is possible due to auto-generation of tables, charts, and flags and other documents related to the designs. It becomes easier to select designs for highest cost optimization, reduced project time, and maximum space utilization.

Eliminate repetitive tasks and improve efficiency

Large scale BIM projects involve creation of huge documentation for various stakeholders and their needs. Dynamo allows an integrated approach to reflect any single change on all associated documents at the click of a button. Dynamo adoption reduces modeling tasks, leading to reduced human intervention, faster 3D modeling, mitigated rework, and minimal project delays.

Efficient construction project

Dynamo automation helps to capture the experience of skilled civil engineers, architects, and contractors, applicable standards in its design parameters, rules, and methods. These computational designs powered by Dynamo uses visual programming to process information for higher BIM model performance and greater constructability. It increases BIM model efficiency and sustainability.

Generating and evaluating a multitude of design options with Dynamo

With Dynamo Revit automation, any large-scale BIM project becomes more smart and agile. For tangible benefits, rapid and accurate document creation saves millions of dollars, and months on projects. Workflow improvement and accelerated BIM design through Dynamo automation, along with use of AR/VR, puts contractors and architects ahead of the competition. It also helps to create better experience for their customers.


Increased automation of BIM workflows is the way out for optimizing large-scale building projects and increasing construction efficiency. Dynamo-Revit automation provides a flexible and broad solution in this area that is of critical importance in the age of Construction 4.0.

Dynamo used with Revit for design automation makes construction teams more productive. It offers improved workflows, documentation and sustainable designs that are able to meet benchmarks on cost, quality, and time.

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