Leveraging the Benefits Of BIM 4D For Maximizing ROI

Last Updated October 22nd, 2019

4D BIM construction simulation benefits

The use of BIM has grown exponentially in the construction industry for the past few years. Most of the developers and construction firms have adopted BIM, and those who have not, are definitely contemplating its adoption.

BIM 4D: Schedule + Time

A 3D model gains the fourth dimension when time and construction scheduling values are added to it. The USP of virtual design and construction for contractors is 4D BIM – Schedule and Time. BIM 4D shows the way to contractors, and when projects run as scheduled, it results into efficient construction process and hence increased ROI.

Using BIM 4D architects, building owners, developers and contractors, everyone can see a virtual representation of the series of activities involved in the construction process. This also means that, if there are any clashes or conflicts, these can be detected and mitigated in this virtual environment itself.

Being able to foresee risks and potential problems at an elementary stage – i.e. before onsite construction starts, translates into huge savings of both time and money.

BIM Adoption – Transforming the Way Construction Projects are Managed

Adoption of BIM is transforming the building design and development practices for the better. The virtual design capabilities are pivotal in giving an architect and engineers, freedom to innovate.

Several countries from US, UK, Australia and UAE are encouraging the use of BIM for huge structures and complex buildings.

UK government plans to implement Level 2 maturity building information modeling for all central government projects, consecutively authorities in DUBAI have made BIM adoption mandatory for buildings over 40 stories, and those that are spread across an expanse of more than 300,000 sq feet.

Successful Implementation of 4D BIM

The key to successful adoption of BIM lies in,

  • Expert modeling
  • Construct schedule planning
  • Documenting the most relevant exact and accurate information
  • Updating model with the latest changes and information

The benefits of BIM are as good as the information that is fed into it. Additionally, a BIM manager who can handle the software well has good knowledge of construction processes and standards and the one who can manage BIM implementation and deployment efficiently can definitely help you successfully adopt BIM and leverage the full benefits it provides.

Gaurang Trivedi

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