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BIM Quantity Takeoff Services

An accurate quantity takeoff translates into precise scheduling and cost estimation. This makes it extremely crucial to conduct a comprehensive quantity take off through detailed analysis of each element of BIM geometry.

TrueCADD, helps make material costing easier, faster and more accurate. Our quantity take off services support cost estimators to create synchronized and comprehensive project views. With focus on detail and a deep ingrained functional expertise, we ensure that a perfect blend of technology and expert intervention enables high precision quantity take off model and hence allows projects to be completed within the stipulated budgets constraints and on time.

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Quantity take-offs support extraction of information from Revit BIM software files, JPG, TIF, PDF, DWF and others, to estimate costs for various kinds of projects. Designers, managers and contractors can hence achieve higher value by contracting BIM quantity take off solutions.

With cost estimation or BIM 5D modeling services architects, operators, constructors, owners, engineers, manufacturers, materials suppliers and subcontractors are able to share a single view of the entire project in real time, and hence it proves to be a high value proposition for construction projects.

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