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Metal Doors & Windows Design

TrueCADD excels in delivering CAD design drafting and CAE services to support design and manufacturing of metal doors and windows for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

From concept through manufacturing, we help metal door and window manufacturers to take informed design decisions and remain productive and profitable. Through 2D CAD drawings for sheet metal door and window designs and 3D detailed models in SolidWorks, we develop design information to reduce the engineering time, minimize errors and shorten the manufacturing time. Our experience in sheet metal design further helps us in developing accurate flat patterns, fabrication drawings and assembly drawings as per client’s shop setup.

Being a full-spectrum mechanical engineering design services providing company, TrueCADD has developed a broad understanding on CAD design and manufacturing standards for metal doors, windows and frames such as FEMA, ANSI, SDI and NFPA.

We have remained a valuable partner for major hollow metal door and window manufacturer in the US, enabling faster product development through our expertise in design automation using SolidWorks and DriveWorks. Apart from USA, our engineers have also delivered services to building products manufacturers located in UK, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Australia & APEC.

Metal Doors & Windows Design Services We Offer:

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Software we use

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