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Why Outsourcing Your Millwork Shop Drawings is a Good Idea

Why Outsourcing Your Millwork Shop Drawings is a Good Idea

As the millwork industry goes all out to offer quality personalized products to customers, it is imperative that they innovate to control costs. Outsourcing millwork drawing and drafting services has consistently proven to be a winning formula to meet this business challenge.

Any seasoned furniture manufacturer will tell you, the key to achieving superior quality millwork is seamless communication across the project. It is achieved by aligning millwork drawings with architectural plans with the right set of technology and human capital skilled in millwork CAD drafting.

Businesses have now recognized outsourcing to offshore engineering companies as an excellent solution to get quality millwork drafting at optimized costs. CAD business partners are experienced and flexible to command projects of any complexity. They can easily scale up or scale down resources to accommodate business peaks and valleys.

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Major challenges faced by millwork furniture manufacturers

Reworks, often a little too late

A recurring problem for millwork developers is the frequent rework in joinery drawings during the design and conceptualization stages. Flaws detected later in the production stage push back manufacturing deadlines, dragging the project for months and shooting up project costs.

Heavy investment

Engaging a team of millwork drafters with dexterity in operating multiple CAD platforms puts pressure on manufacturing budgets not just in terms of high salaries, but also head hunting and training costs. Arranging the technological infrastructure in terms of hardware and software are additional financial drains.

Delayed project schedules

The learning curve for acquiring joinery drawing and drafting skills is pretty steep and time consuming. In house workforce has also proven to be less flexible in terms of extended working hours. This invariably jeopardizes project deadlines.

Compromised skills and expertise

The challenges of bringing on board and training CAD resources to produce detailed shop drawings from design drawings and architectural floor plans are high. This often has manufacturers settling for less.

Manufacturers now realize that if they need to continue to engage customers with brilliant and personalized furniture at affordable costs, they need to explore millwork and joinery partnerships with expert CAD outsourcing firms.

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Benefits of outsourcing your millwork shop drawings

Flexibility and scalability

Flexibility and scalability

Initial millwork drawings often go through iterations and invite a series of rework leading to confusions on the shop floor, missed deadlines, and added costs. Your outsourcing partner, with a pool of experts, can quickly revise the drafts within timelines and adhere to quality benchmarks.

A CAD outsourcing partner also offers resource scalability that can be ramped up when the work influx rises. And soon as the demand restores to normal, you can drop-off the extra resources to save costs. This way you can select all the projects you want without worrying about resource availability.

Cost effective

Cost effective

Working with a dedicated CAD drafting service provider ensures that your partner invests in hiring and training of skilled manpower, right CAD software for millwork design and drafting needs, and infrastructure. This allows you to operate lean and save significantly on operating costs. Some of the largest furniture manufacturing firms are today experiencing the positive impact of outsourcing their millwork shop drawings on their project costs.

Outsourcing retail store millwork furniture drafting saved 30% design costs

Outsourcing retail store millwork furniture drafting saved 30% design costs

A leading furniture manufacturing company from the United Kingdom partnered with TrueCADD to prepare detailed CAD drawings for fitting room furniture.

The partnership resulted in

  • Reduction of transport costs by as much as 45%
  • Reduction in designs costs up to 30%
  • Shortening of overall design cycle by a staggering 70%

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The time zone advantage

The time zone advantage

Millwork furniture manufacturing companies around the world are now using time zone difference to their advantage. And the best example of this is outsourcing where the experts work round the clock in shifts.

Typically when your in-house interior designer or architect shares the designs with the offshore drafters – located in different time zones – the work gets started immediately. At day end, they share the updates and reports which can be accessed by you and any exigency is avoided.

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Joinery manufacturer reduces turnaround time by 25% with an offshore CAD partner

Joinery manufacturer reduces turnaround time by 25% with an offshore CAD partner

A joinery designer and manufacturer based in the UK partnered with TrueCADD to streamline the processes from ideation to manufacturing. TrueCADD engineers developed a resource-rich library of building blocks for all their furniture products.

The partnership helped client:

  • Create customized furniture across product range
  • Reduce turnaround time by 25%

Expertise and field experience

Expertise and field experience

Collaboration with offshore companies offers long standing experience and domain knowledge to understand market trends and technicalities better. Their resources are skilled and trained at delivering superior quality drawings.

For instance, an expert helps determining how much raw materials will be needed using accurate Bill of Materials before the bids are placed. This saves huge costs for manufacturers by keeping waste and rework to a minimum level.

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Institutional furniture design firm eliminates 100% rework by outsourcing CAD drafting

Institutional furniture design firm eliminates 100% rework by outsourcing CAD drafting

A USA based institutional furniture design and manufacturing firm partnered with TrueCADD for offshore millwork CAD drafting of museum furniture. The partnership resulted in seamless communication between architects and contractors and decreased time lags.

The partnership helped client:

  • Expert CAD drafters reduced reworks by 100%
  • Significant reduction in turnaround times

Your dedicated offshore team

Your dedicated offshore team

All millwork projects involve multiple stakeholders and drawings are revised frequently. There are no strict boundaries on how much work will be done in what phase of drawing development. In such cases, having a dedicated team of offshore CAD engineers is a huge comfort. While the costs work in your favor, you are not constrained by project hours and scope. Administrative hassles of managing the team are taken care of by your offshore partner.

Bringing it all together

If you are a millwork manufacturer, there’s really only one thing that you care about – providing your customers with the best quality products. That means you’re always looking to create an effective, hassle-free process. And outsourcing helps you achieve exactly this.

Offshore CAD companies empower you with all the above mentioned benefits through their state-of-art technology infrastructure and implement error-free automated processes. Currently, India is the most preferred location for many manufacturing and engineering firms as it offers highly skilled professionals at affordable costs.

We, at TrueCADD, take great pride in the fact that we’ve been able to serve our global clientele with our expert CAD services and have helped them significantly ramp up their business revenues.

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