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BIM 5D for Fabrication – Building Smart Construction Capabilities

Published on April 15, 2015
Benefits Of BIM 4D
Often, lack of the up-to-date information or having the wrong materials is the reason why construction projects fail to deliver what they promise.

Having access to BIM Coordination & Fabrication 5D Cost Estimation can help you optimize your projects, gain control over the work flows and drives your project towards success. So how can this happen? The answer is BIM.

Using BIM, architects and contractors can always stay updated about the design, fabrication and construction information. A BIM model can be used to integrate building design and detailing with fabrication and project management. This makes the construction work flows – that sales, detailing, fabrication, logistics and installation – more efficient.


Building information modeling can be populated with accurate quantity take offs for fabrication. As a result with 5D BIM cost estimation becomes more accurate. This in-turn helps companies win more tenders, using visualizations to make impressive bids and provide alternate solutions.


BIM for fabrication can be used for detailing for all materials and in projects of all sizes. BIM models are fed with accurate and intensive design information. Using BIM it is also easy to organize, share and use this information for higher constructability.


When the right information is available at the right time, it makes production organized, easy and efficient. The workshop staff and the subcontractor’s site crew can benefit from the intensive and accurate production information in BIM.


With the well organized information in BIM, it becomes easy to plan your production, logistics and storage. Hence, the flow of materials and projects can be very well managed and everything is available at the right time and right place in the most efficient manner.


Information rich BIM, sets pace for the installation process and hence supports construction process. Delivering high value via BIM, enables architects and contractors design and execute excellent projects with better quality of construction and develop buildings that extend higher occupant comfort.

Using BIM can hence help optimize the entire fabrication process right from sales to installation and this efficiency will further make the construction process fast and efficient.

Author Gaurang Trivedi

About Author: is engineering consultant at TrueCADD. Besides, donning multiple hats, as a website manager and marketing in charge, he also oversees the editorial content, coordinating and managing the website, its news sections, blogs and social media promotions as well.

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