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Benefits of Outsourcing MEPF Designs for Construction Projects

Published on February 26, 2015 Updated on May 10th, 2023
Benefits of outsourcing MEPF designs for construction projects

The economics of construction businesses demand quick results with minimal investments. Outsourcing MEPF designs ensures quality, optimized cost and data security while freeing up time to focus on core areas.

MEPF (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire) constitutes not just a critical component of a construction project but also the most difficult to design. Whether it is the fire systems, electrical fixtures, HVAC systems or piping systems, all need to be planned and designed accurately from the initial stages of design so that there are no clashes at later construction stages.

Accuracy in 3D MEPF designs increases efficiency of construction planning and facilities management.

Today’s fast-paced customer-driven construction industry, where even a single day’s delay may result in irreparable losses, makes MEPF operations even more challenging. So whether it is hiring skilled resources or investing in high cost of software and training, it is imperative that MEPF contractors overcome these challenges to remain competitive.

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Outsourcing of MEPF projects addresses business challenges

A survey of 252 general contracting firms showed 45% of them outsourced their BIM projects.

Given the increasing lean towards BIM outsourcing, it is natural that MEPF, being the more complex and challenging BIM discipline, is fast moving towards outsourcing.

Construction companies walk a tight rope when it comes to resources and deadlines. They cannot spare time to recruit and train engineers on design skills and software nor can they afford expensive design technology. On the other hand outsourcing MEPF projects offers accurate, well planned, clash free MEPF designs and models that make the process of construction seamless and smooth.

Research specialists of the Building Services Industry estimate that contractors can reduce their overhead and labor costs by 30% to 50% by outsourcing MEP designing.

What are the benefits of outsourcing MEPF design projects?

Save time and recruitment costs

Finding skilled personnel who understand MEPF designing and its parameters is difficult and time consuming. Retaining and training them is even more challenging. When you work with BIM outsourcing companies, you leverage on the skills and expertise at their disposal without investments at your end.

Focus on core areas to enhance revenues

With expert engineers taking care of the designing, the focus of the in-house engineers can be on their core areas. The company can channelize its time, money and resources into more productive, strategic and operational activities. Outsourcing of MEP designs enables firms to undertake more projects, increasing revenues and profitability.

Clash-free 3D MEP model gives client insights on spatial coordination alternatives

Outsourcing MEP designing resulted in 100% error-free 3D modeling and first time right deliverables for a leading BIM consulting firm in Europe. The business need was a spatial arrangement of plant room equipment, along with connections and arrangement.

Hitech engineers developed GA drawings of all the equipment, interconnecting with each other. A 3D coordinated/federated MEP model was created in Autodesk Revit®. The clash free plant room layout helped the client in informed decision making as well as cost saving.

MEP 3D Modeling & Clash Detection for Plant Room, Europe

Increase scalability and flexibility

Construction projects are vulnerable to market dynamics, which may require scaling down or up projects at short notice. The direct and critical impact of project scalability is on resource and infrastructure scalability. BIM companies working on outsourced projects are well positioned to absorb the liabilities associated with project shifts. They can seamlessly ramp up or down resources and infrastructure at short notice. An extensive pool of multi-skilled BIM professionals, mobile across projects, gives outsourcing companies this flexibility.

BIM outsourcing companies are also more flexible when it comes to incorporating random and frequent design changes. They are also versatile across technologies and offer projects the flexibility to choose tools and technologies.

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Save overhead costs

MEP designs for larger projects demand access to higher skills and technology and a strong understanding of BIM standards. This calls for an enhanced investment in time, resources and money. By outsourcing MEP designs to BIM engineering firms, companies can get the advantage of all these resources without any additional investment. The saved costs can be funneled into other important areas for business expansion and growth.

Coordinated 3D MEP model helps client save on time and costs

Hitech partnered with a leading HVAC service provider in the US for creating a 3D MEP model for a commercial building as per international standards.

Hitech worked on the 2D drawings shared as input to deliver an accurate clash-free 3D MEP model in Revit. The coordinated 3D MEP model, compliant with US BIM standards, facilitated project completion within scheduled time and budget. The multiple benefits of offshoring the MEP project enabled the client to take on many more projects for enhanced business revenues.

PDF to 3D MEP Modeling of Commercial Complex, USA

Ensure data security

Since most outsourcing companies are bound by data security laws, they cannot risk any data leakage as it would result in heavy fines and penalties, ruining their reputation. It is in the interest of these companies to ensure security of design data paving the way for long-term and trusting relationships.

Get assured quality by experts

Whether it is creating MEP drawings or a clash free 3D MEP model, it needs experts to be involved right from the initial design stage to the final execution and installation stage. Outsourcing companies have the latest software, technology and tools. From installation of air conditioning systems, designing electrical, fire or drainage systems, to building management systems like power generators, security or surveillance systems, all models are designed by experienced experts at outsourcing companies while assuring quality.

A construction company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, outsourced the MEP designing of two metro rail stations and two tower designs. They collaborated with a leading outsourcing BIM provider that created clash-free MEP models, which were incorporated into Revit with LOD 400. The insight-rich models enabled the client to make huge savings in cost and time, with assured quality of clash free 3D models by BIM experts.

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Manage project resourcefully

When complex MEP designs are outsourced, project managers are freed to focus more on core and other strategic areas of the construction project. The cloud based BIM software removes geographical constraints by allowing stakeholders across locations to access BIM models. The updates they make are effected in real time. The need for stakeholders to be physically present at location during the designing or planning stage is hence eliminated. This ensures seamless project management when working with outsourcing partners.


MEP designs are crucial for the construction industry and important in design decision making, accurate documentation, cost estimation, construction planning, and facilities management. They require a highly skilled team of BIM engineers for designing and planning that are up to date with the latest tools and technology related to BIM software. While training in-house engineers may require a lot of time and finance, outsourcing proves to be the most cost-effective and viable solution for project owners.

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