4 Business Benefits of Outsourcing MEP Designs

Last Updated October 22nd, 2019

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MEP – i.e. mechanical, electrical and plumbing are the three disciplines of building design and construction, which need direct involvement and intervention of experts from the stage of design to execution and installation.

So how do you manage MEP design for complex and large scale construction projects?

Do you have design and engineering experts who can handle project requirements from start to end?

Well most probably not! Because finding talent and retaining it for long termed projects is very difficult. Businesses do not want to invest their time and efforts in finding, training and retaining resources. Hence the best option here is to outsource. Look out to offshore MEP design and MEP modeling, to those who have a good infrastructure and staff to handle all your business requirements and with whom, you can build long termed and profitable business relationships.

As the common perception, outsourcing is not just a cheap alternative anymore. Outsourcing is much more than that and has a huge potential to deliver great business benefits in terms of costs, quality and meeting the deadlines and more. Read on to know…

Benefits of outsourcing MEP Design & MEP Modeling

Channelize your Investments (time money and resources) where they are required the most. Successful project execution largely, rather primarily depends on the experience, problem solving acumen and expertise of the team.

Today MEP design projects require a team with experts who have good MEP engineering knowledge, can design the system well, prepare drafts, create 3D models, conduct clash detection and further make design iterations so that the entire MEP system fits into the building ecosystem harmoniously.

When you outsource, there is no need to worry about recruiting the best people or training them and retaining them. The time efforts and resources that are involved in these activities can be productively utilized where they are more required.

Alongside Talent – you can use the best technology and tools for MEP design without actually investing in it:

Successful businesses outsource MEP design to those with vast experience and expertise. Outsourcing companies undoubtedly have the best software and resources that you require for the project.

Accurate shop drawings, and flawless modeling with detailed MEP information fed in, is what you require. And your outsourcing partner is experienced enough to give you that – A clash free Revit MEP BIM Design.

Get Better Project Control: No matter where you are, US, Uk, Australia or UAE, you can still gain complete control over your projects by sharing MEP BIM on cloud and enabling real time video conferences just like you handle your in-house projects.

The main benefit here is better MEP collaboration, and the office at remote location will become your own offshore office and enable all your architects, engineers, contractors and all  concerned authorities to stay updated and on the same page.

Security of your Intellectual Information: Even today, there are people who look towards outsourcing with contempt, and refrain from outsourcing due to project information and data security concerns.

However today due to the highly competitive landscapes across the outsourcing sector, outsourcing companies have braced up and become responsive to every concern of the client.  And the foremost concern, i.e. data security is addressed the most effectively.

It is crucial to understand that upon outsourcing to offshore companies, you hand over your project information to them. This project information is your intellectual property and has to be safeguarded. When leaked or misinterpreted, it may cause severe losses to your business.

However today, Indian outsourcing companies are governed by data security laws, and considered liable in case of security breach. This is also one of the reasons why your vendor will take all possible measures to ensure that the intellectual information remains safe and every project detail is shared over a secure network.

Additionally today, vendors have shifted focus from individual projects to building long termed business relations. Hence they would always deliver the best in order to take the association from a single project to several ongoing projects.

So essentially if you are getting the best MEP Design at highly competitive price, on time delivery, and highly secure data transactions, i.e. the best of all worlds packed into one, then it’s only advisable to outsource.

Businesses who want to outsource their MEP Design projects need to do their homework and shortlist some of the best outsourcing partners. Workout quotations and project details with them and choose a vendor who fits your requirements the best. Once you associate and complete a couple of projects well, it’s time to turn partners and outsource many more such Revit MEP BIM Design projects.

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