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Top 5 Scan to BIM Companies to Outsource in 2024

Top Scan to BIM Companies Worldwide to Outsource

The challenges of in-house Scan to BIM model conversion have made many construction firms turn to outsourcing. To simplify your search for the right and reliable outsourcing partner in a crowded market, we have curated a list of the top 5 Scan to BIM companies to outsource.

The demand for precise 3D models generated from point cloud scans is growing in surveying, designing, planning, and the execution of construction projects. As projects grow more complex, construction companies and stakeholders seek specialized service providers for tasks that need expertise and are more efficient to outsource. But the market is crowded with numerous service providers, and it can be confusing to decide the right point cloud scan to BIM service provider for your project.

To assist you in this, we’ve compiled a list of the top Scan to BIM companies known for their experience, expertise in BIM technology, project strength, and good client reviews and ratings.

Key Points to Consider in Scan to BIM Companies

To identify the most reliable and proficient service providers in the field, you need to consider multiple strengths, because you are not just looking for technical staff.

Experience is a fundamental consideration, offering valuable insights into a company’s capacity to provide effective solutions. Experience matters for Scan to BIM companies as it ensures expertise in handling complex data, leading to better project results. Investigate the number of projects they have completed, work hours, building area of construction projects, and BIM experts on their teams to check their capability.

Also, important to consider is whether the companies offer advanced services, such as 3D modeling, clash detection, point cloud processing, as-built documentation, and coordination with other basic services. The range of services offered by a scan to BIM service provider indicates the extent of support and expertise they can provide.

When selecting the top Scan to BIM companies for you, we considered all the above factors. We also focused on efficient communication, code compliance, and collaboration in scan to BIM services. Ratings and reviews helped us check the reputation and client satisfaction.

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Top 5 Scan to BIM Companies to Outsource

So, here’s our current list of top 5 companies that are good partners for scan-to-BIM projects.

1. IMAGINiT Technologies

IMAGINiT Technologies, established in 1986, has over 40 years of CAD and 3D design engineering expertise. As a division of Rand Worldwide, it serves design and engineering professionals across Canada and the United States from its headquarters in Owings Mills, MD.

With offices across 40 locations in North America, IMAGINiT boasts of a dedicated team comprising 201-500 employees, 342 associated members, and 120 technical experts. The company offers a wide array of services, including BIM and CAD management, CAD data management, CFD consulting & FEA simulation, design & process automation, product lifecycle management, reality capture, and software development. Catering to a diverse clientele, IMAGINiT has successfully delivered BIM and CAD projects to over 22,000 customers.

Its commitment to excellence is reflected in its impressive ratings: a Glassdoor score of 3.9, a G2.com rating of 4.3, and an Indeed rating of 4.1.

2. TrueCADD

TrueCADD is a premier division of HitechDigital Solutions LLP, established in 1992, with over 25 years of experience. The company operates from its headquarters in Ahmedabad, India, and maintains a global presence through strategic offices in the US and UK. TrueCADD is distinguished by its workforce, comprising over 200 dedicated professionals, including 30+ Revit® MEP Certified Professionals, 30+ Revit® Structural Certified Professionals, 50+ Revit® Architecture Certified Professionals, and 30+ SolidWorks Certified Professionals, with an additional 25% being DriveWorks Certified Engineers.

TrueCADD specializes in the efficient management of high volumes of scanned data, including tracing and surface reconstruction from point cloud data. Their expertise extends to Point Cloud to BIM solutions and the development of information-rich 3D models for architectural, structural, and MEP requirements. They offer detailed Point Cloud Scan to BIM, Lidar Point Cloud to 3D Model, Point Cloud to Revit Model services, and extract 2D-floor plans, elevations, and selections from scanned data. Their services further extend to reconstructing scanned geometry into BIM models featuring NURBS and polygons.

With a global presence, TrueCADD has served more than 5,000 clients hailing from over 50 countries, with a predominant presence in the USA, Canada, the UK, the EU, the Middle East, and Australia. Their portfolio comprises the execution of 3,000+ projects, highlighting their commitment to excellence in the industry.

3. Wessex Archaeology Ltd

Wessex Archeology Ltd., a premier archeology company, has been making contributions both in the UK and on the international stage since its establishment in 1979. Headquartered in Salisbury, Wiltshire, this organization has over 40 years of experience, offering a comprehensive range of services that encompass above ground, below ground, and underwater exploration.

These services are delivered by a skilled team of over 320 industry experts operating from a global network of offices. Their in-house team of built heritage specialists employs techniques like laser scanning, photogrammetry, and UAV surveys for recording buildings and constructing BIM-ready models. They also specialize in historic building recording and enhancing clients’ BIM models with crucial historical information for planning consent.

Understanding Scan to BIM Solutions

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4. Fourteen Reality Capture BIM

Fourteen Reality Capture BIM, established in 2017 and based in Monterrey, Mexico, specializes in revolutionizing construction projects through advanced 3D scanning and modeling tools. Their expertise spans across Central and South America, and the United States, tailoring solutions to meet the unique drawing and projection needs of each client.

Their comprehensive deliverables include point clouds, as-built plans, current conditions, topographic and planimetry studies, and structural findings, enhancing efficiency by saving time and resources. With infrastructure having the ability to capture approximately 1 million 3D points per second, their team excels in the restoration of architectural heritage, industrial plants, and residences, ensuring quick collection of exact virtual copies with precision.

Fourteen Reality Capture BIM leverages Building Information Modeling (BIM) to intelligently manage project information throughout its life cycle, encompassing documentation, logistics, operation, maintenance, and renovation.

5. ViBIM

VIBIM, established in 2014 and headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam, is a proficient player in the BIM industry. With a dedicated team of 30 qualified professionals and a broader network of 14 associated members, the company operates within a compact size bracket of 11-50 employees.

VIBIM offers a wide array of services, including Scan to BIM, 3D BIM Coordination, BIM design development, Dynamo, MEP Coordination, Point Cloud to BIM, Architectural BIM modeling, Structural BIM modeling, MEP BIM design, Construction Documentation, and 2D-3D Revit modeling. It has successfully delivered 475 projects, demonstrating its capability in managing large-scale projects for clients across the UK, the US, Australia, Canada, Japan, and more.

Serving clients in five countries, VIBIM has established itself as a key contributor to the global BIM sector, leveraging technology to enhance construction and design processes.


AEC companies are using the expertise of top Scan to BIM firms to bolster design competence, elevate construction quality by freeing up core staff, and controlling project expenditures. Partnering with trustworthy scan to BIM service providers yields substantial advantages, in terms of expertise, design infrastructure, reduced design cycles, accuracy, and compliance.

Selecting the ideal Scan to BIM Partner in AEC is a big choice, and aligning with reputable and dependable BIM companies gives AEC companies a competitive edge while reducing many worries.

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