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5 Benefits of DriveWorks for Retail Store Furniture Manufacturers

5 benefits of DriveWorks for retail store furniture manufacturers

Conformity of retail store furniture to aesthetic and functional demands is not just expensive, but also time and labor intensive. Driveworks leverages logical rules to enhance customization, reduce lead times, enhance collaboration and enable faster decision making.

Furniture fittings and user accessibility play a key role in defining customer experience in retail stores. This calls for not just high quality shopfitting but also seamless collaboration between multiple stakeholders including designers, architects and manufacturers. Challenges of staying within budget and timelines while meeting customization needs must also be addressed.

DriveWorks, along with SolidWorks, powered by logical rules and inbuilt furniture libraries expedites design development and approvals. Models saved in these libraries having multi-theme furniture designs and scenarios can be customized quickly and reused. Ready-to-use models and manufacturing drawings eliminate repetitive design tasks and shorten lead times from sales to design, and manufacturing.

Challenges faced by retail store furniture manufacturers

Retail store furniture projects involve multiple stakeholders requiring extensive collaboration and meeting deadlines. Usually, every retail store furniture is different. But all projects have about a month’s time between design ideation and final manufacturing. This is where the major challenge lies.

Areas of furniture retail store manufacturing that struggle with design and drawing iterations relate to:

  • Layouts meeting customer convenience
  • Maximizing space usage in storage, display, footfall, guest seating and walkways
  • Ensuring ease of access to products for trials and purchase
  • Designing modular furniture that is easy to move and refit
  • Meeting safety needs of customers
reasons why retail store furniture manufacturing is difficult

A quick TAT from design to manufacturing and installation with minimal errors can help address the above concerns. But standalone CAD is insufficient and involves multiple iterations. Combining it with a design automation platform, the design can easily create multiple scenarios in minutes.

5 benefits of DriveWorks for retail store furniture manufacturers

DriveWorks design automation offers significant benefits to bespoke furniture manufacturers and helps them meet market demands more efficiently.

DriveWorks with SolidWorks can be used for multiple designs, scenarios and seamless collaboration in a single thread. Design cycles and project execution experience are enhanced. In a nutshell, the major benefits of using DriveWorks in furniture manufacture are:

Rapid development of designs and database creation

Rapid development of designs and database creation

With DriveWorks, a designer can create multiple designs for shopfitting furniture in a short time. These designs conform to shape parameters based on rules and accommodate all specified conditions.

DriveWorks also allows designers to create and store all available furniture designs for different brands as model libraries. These designs are easy to retrieve as and when required to generate space layouts, themes, BOMs and quantity takeoffs. Also, a designer can comprehend the market trends and be ready with innovative designs ahead of time.

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Automated update of changes in design parameters or values

Automated update of changes in design parameters or values

Designers often have to change the shapes and sizes of furniture at a moment’s notice. These may have different aesthetic and functional requirements like front desk, and servicing desk that vary in dimensions. Quick changes in material, colors and finishes may also be required to match retail shop themes.

Parametric design library of materials (wood, plastic, metals etc.), colors can be quickly modified and updated in DriveWorks. The change in the value of any parameter is automatically reflected in associated components of the assembly models.

By implementing DriveWorks, a retail store furniture manufacturer established a design cycle that was faster than traditional process. It ensured quality of drawings and models with fewer efforts. Designs passed prototype tests by nearly 100%.

DriveWorks Retail Store Furniture

Creating visual product configurators for quick design consensus

Creating visual product configurators for quick design consensus

A DriveWorks-run visual product configurator can bring shop owners, furniture designers and manufacturers quickly on the same page. It helps them to configure furniture layouts and items, and reach consensus in real time.

With 360-degree product visualization, stakeholders can evaluate space layouts against all scenarios and themes in real time. It accelerates design development and finalization without inordinate delay.

A configurator allows instant generation of bespoke designs within standards and specifications. Thus it reduces internal approval cycles of designs and speeds up the process from concept to manufacturing.

Create 100s of designs with minimal time lag between order receipt and manufacturing

Seamless integration and collaboration

Seamless integration and collaboration

DriveWorks integrates with legacy systems like CRM, ERP, MES, etc. on a common platform. This integration of sales and ERP functions brings more visibility on cost and pricing. It essentially imparts CPQ like functionality and allows generating quick quotes and quantities for budget evaluations and finalizing orders.

DriveWorks can auto-generate manufacturing shop drawings with BOMs and DXFs for sheet cutting and punching. These are fed to shop floor and machines directly and cut short the manufacturing lead time. Design automation also improves product quality and reduces scrap. Field instruction documents along with quantity takeoffs are also generated for retail shop furniture installations.

Integration among systems creates a seamless thread of workflows and communication. All the stakeholders remain informed of requirements, concepts and final designs. Design iterations and conflicts are reduced, and the shop floor can start manufacturing on the day of sales.

DriveWorks implementation for a custom furniture manufacturer reduced lead time from 4-5 days to one day. The design cycle also got 70 times faster.

CAD Configurator

Enhanced virtual store experience

Enhanced virtual store experience

To keep pace with increased virtual shopping, retailers need to create virtual replicas of their products that can be accessed online.

DIY features like product selection, copy/paste, move, resize, change material, change color, etc. help shop owners immensely to finalize orders. They can directly use the available 3D designs for enhanced online shopping experience.


Retail store furniture manufacturers need innovative shopfitting furniture ready to meet changing market needs. And they need agile processes to respond to bidding deadlines with competitive designs and products.

Automation is the way to remove inefficiencies and speed up manufacturing. Projects for transforming themes in retail shops have stringent timelines, schedules, budgets and space. To address the challenges, retail shopfitting furniture manufacturers need processes with faster response and efficiency.

By helping retail store furniture manufacturers and designers to rapidly generate all possible layouts and scenarios DriveWorks automation speeds up accurate customization and project execution. And DriveWorks has thus become indispensable for shopfitting furniture firms.

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