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How CAD Outsourcing Reduces Product Development Costs

Published on January 16, 2015 Updated on May 10th, 2023
How CAD Outsourcing Can Help in Reducing Product Development Costs

In the face of increasingly competitive markets, manufacturers are compelled to optimize product development costs. Outsourcing your CAD drafting needs is a winning formula to bridge the skills and technology gap and keep costs under control.

Reducing product development costs is critical to manufacturers to stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive space. While various CAD software have significantly eased the design process; the staggering cost of licenses has adversely impacted costs. Hiring and training of skilled CAD resources are additional expenses.

As manufacturers explore alternatives to move around this cost, outsourcing of CAD drafting and drawing has proven to be a viable option. The outsourcing world is well positioned and equipped with infrastructural, technological and skilled human resources to meet your CAD engineering needs in a timely, qualitative and cost effective manner.

5 ways outsourcing your CAD services can save product development costs

Partnering with a CAD outsourcing firm has a ton of advantages that give manufacturers a sizable reduction in overall project costs and help them move towards a financially lean project:

1Eliminate costly rework

Eliminate costly rework

Design and conceptual errors lead to frequent rework, extended timelines and wasted resources. If these dimensional or design errors, even when measurements are off by miniscule margins, carry over to manufacturing, the product does not meet expectations. The part drawings have to be partially or fully scrapped and the team goes back to the drawing board. All this costs you a fortune.

When you partner with CAD outsourcing experts, all drawing revisions are made during the drafting process at their end. What you receive for manufacturing are those that are finalized with dimensional accuracy and precision. This reduces chances of errors, delays due to rework and costs incurred on scrapping faulty products.

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2Ease of hiring and training skilled resources

Ease of hiring and training skilled resources

Acquiring requisite drafting skills for creating CAD drawings is a herculean task. While resources are scarce, the learning curve is also very steep. Hiring the right talent and training them on your projects is tedious and cost intensive.

Offshore CAD drafting companies have at their command, skills encompassing a huge range of domains and technologies. This is because the nature of their work requires them to partner with manufacturers from multiple streams and markets. Your partnership with these CAD outsourcing firms gives you access to experience, 3D modeling expertise and versatile CAD drafting and 3D rendering skills with no additional investment on hiring and training.

Design customization enhances accuracy and quality in staircase production

A leading European building products manufacturer partnered with TrueCADD for CAD customization services for staircase production. They were facing challenges of managing design data to match multiple standards and addressing customized orders. Our engineers used software like SolidWorks to develop micro and macro tools to navigate the CAD drawings. C++, Java and .NET were used to render 3D and GA drawings for production and sales.

Results achieved:

  • Successful simulation from client’s end
  • Customized design migration and versatile 3D modeling
  • Improved quality and accuracy in rail design
  • Coherent design data exchange
Staircase 3D Render Model
Staircase 3D Render Model
Staircase Drawing
Staircase Drawing
Save 35 to 40% costs on outsourcing your CAD drafting services.

3Time zone advantage for faster turnaround time

Time zone advantage for faster turnaround time

Product manufacturers getting all CAD engineering work done in-house, normally operate from a single time zone to have full team work during business hours. The non-working hours are not utilized. Finding a workaround for this can significantly shrink your timelines.

In an increasingly shrinking world, time zone differences are being leveraged by engineering companies to reduce turnaround times. Collaborating with a CAD partner operating from a different time zone helps manufacturing companies capitalize on maximum hours of the day.

Your design engineers work during the day and at day end, they send the rough drawings to their offshore partners, operating from a different time zone. By the time they reach their desk the next morning, they’re likely to have received detailed design layouts corresponding to their 2D sketches.

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Concept Drawings to CAD Detailed Engineering of Retail Furniture, UK

Business partnership between a manufacturing firm from the UK and TrueCADD helped streamline all processes at client end from ideation to manufacturing. Design engineers at TrueCADD developed a resource-rich library of building blocks for all their products that helped them:

  • Create customized furniture for their clients
  • Reduce turnaround times on all their products by 25%.
3D Detail Installation Drawings
3D Detail Installation Drawings
Detail Manufacturing Drawings
Detail Manufacturing Drawings

4Allows focus on core activities of business importance

Allows focus on core activities of business importance

Production heads often get caught up in activities they don’t really know much about, and in the process lose sight of what’s really important to them. Getting into the nitty gritties of mechanical drafting and drawings isn’t something that most of them would want to get into. They’d rather focus on shop floor operations, increasing product quality and enhancing customer experience than working with structural and design layouts.

Outsourcing CAD projects to reliable business partners with domain expertise takes a lot off the plate for production managers. It enables them to focus on their core activities such as production and R&D for upcoming products.

Partner with CAD Outsourcing Company to improve design efficiencies.

5Scalability of resources

Scalability of resources

The manufacturing industry often faces production peaks and valleys. However, all engineering firms, manufacturers and fabricators hire just enough resources for meeting an average demand. This causes problems when the production demand rises; the volume of CAD drawings also increases and resources fall short in meeting them. Alternatively, when the production market dips, you end up over spending on extra CAD drafters, CAD software licenses and so much more.

When you outsource your design or drafting needs, you get to hire CAD drafters only as per your drafting project requirements. As the demand changes or the project work volume varies, you can easily ramp-up or ramp-down the number of hired engineers.

A man-month or a project based engagement helps you save hugely on costs as you are not liable for payment when the project work volume is low.

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Before you outsource your CAD drawings

Although it comes with so many advantages, outsourcing your CAD projects requires some caution as you scout for an expert partner to take care of your drafting needs.

A quick checklist for choosing your CAD outsourcing partner

  • Check the Internet for services they offer, their client base and work experience.
  • Try to get feedback from the provider’s clients on service quality.
  • Use references from the people working in your industry.
  • Make sure you can accommodate terms and conditions in any agreement.
  • Compare prices of different service providers to select the most competitive one.
  • Initial interactions should help you gauge their flexibility and accessibility.
  • Make sure their IT policy safeguards your data confidentiality and security concerns.


An expert CAD outsourcing partner brings a lot to the table. As you look to boost your production capacity and enhance the quality of your products, you can rely on them for keeping your project economically viable at all times.

At TrueCADD, we take pride in being a company that has been collaborating and working with leading product manufacturers from around the globe, amplifying their market presence by helping them create superior quality products.

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