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How does an outsourcing CAD engineering company help enhance manufacturing efficiencies

Outsourcing CAD Engineering Company

The pressure is building on manufacturers to get to market faster than ever. With no room for errors or extended lead times in globally tough times, partnerships with CAD outsourcing firms offer viable solutions.

With the global outbreak of COVID-19, businesses have hit rock-bottom. While some manufacturers fear losses, other predicts a steep rise with new laid norms and operational challenges. At this juncture, the critical need for profitability raises a need for new business strategies.

The new mantra: Manufacture fast and without errors

Shorter Design Cycles

One of the ways to achieve this is reduction in design cycle time by eliminating drawing changes. A competent CAD drafting support partner can help reduce drawing changes to almost nil by aligning initial drafts with the shop’s tooling capabilities.

This essentially needs error free drawings but that is a herculean task. The reason being, that deploying CAD and automation tools such as AutoCAD®, Inventor®, SolidWorks, DriveWorks or Tacton needs extensive expertise for handling complex designs.

Such situation presents global manufacturers with three scenarios:

  • Continue with existing designs and neglect the idea of betterment
  • Compromise on new design development with prolonged testing
  • Hurried manufacturing drawings leading to drafting errors

Albeit, given the current situation, none of these are viable options. So what should manufacturing firms do? Let’s dig deeper and understand the challenges.

What are the challenges in engineering design cycles?

  • Incompetent CAD drawings for shop floor needs
  • Engineering Change Orders (ECOs) in manufacturing drawings from shop floor
  • CAD models that are not versatile
  • Limited knowledge of automation tools like DriveWorks, Tacton and other platforms
  • Iterative prototype testing and budget constraints

Overcoming the challenges: Collaborating with a CAD design support company


An external support from a design and drafting support partner can not only help you with high quality drafting but also optimize time because of their expertise. Offshore CAD support partners are virtually an extended design arm for your product design, development and engineering teams.

Let’s look at some engineering areas where external CAD design, drafting and automation teams help you to achieve benefits through their services.

1Product design and engineering: Save on costs and get better quality

Product Design Engineering

Offshore design support companies have on their rolls dedicated CAD drafters and industrial design engineers well-versed with industry leading CAD tools to support your design engineering tasks.

Outsource CAD engineers help you achieve seamless manufacturing by offering comprehensive 3D CAD models and 2D CAD fabrication drawings with instructions related to cutting, welding, punching etc.

These CAD companies associate with you through various engagement models, such as man-month or hourly basis, which best fits your project needs and budget. Further, dedicated CAD engineers bring valuable insights before you start manufacturing and help you save costs and improve quality.

A UK based furniture manufacturer struggled to meet customer demands and get to market fast during these COVID impacted times. His partnership with TrueCADD assured him hassle free and on time installation through resource scalability and quick ramp up opportunities.

The client was able to achieve:

  • On time delivery of drawings
  • Detailed documentation for site assembly & installation assistance
  • 70% overall project cost saving
Save upto 50% cost on your CAD modeling projects!

2Design automation: Get the benefit of shorter design cycles

Design Automation

Another major reason to collaborate with external design firms is their competency to implement automation to eliminate repetitive tasks. They develop versatile master models that can be customized at later stages as per customer needs.

Entrusting design automation tasks to service partners will not only help you save on engineering lead time but also allow your design engineers to dedicate their time to more productive areas such as design innovation and process optimization.

Good outsourcing CAD engineering companies have authorized partnerships with technology and automation companies. Partnering with such business partners gives you a competitive technology edge. Also, given the variety of work and exposure that these offshore companies offer in the area of design automation, they are able to attract experienced and competent talent across verticals. These engineers are more versatile in implementing various logical rules and skilled to mix and match the rules for any complex design customization of your product designs.

A hollow door manufacturer supplying doors to healthcare industry and government projects in the US partnered with TrueCADD’s DriveWorks automation team. The automation engineers developed product configurator for custom door design and deployed it online.

The partnership resulted in:

  • Reduction of engineering lead time from 4-5 days to a few hours
  • Increase in quality of deliverables up to 99%
  • Reduced engineering cycle time by 70%
Get design automation to reduce design cycle time by 70%

3CAE: Test new designs and obtain proofs for new design concepts

CFD Analysis

While there are manufacturers who have pressing needs to meet deliveries, there are several verticals that have come to a stand-still due to the pandemic. Design engineers contributing to these verticals are currently dedicating their time to inventing new designs.

When being engrossed in new designs development, obtaining proofs of concepts can be too much to ask for, although extremely necessary. At this point of time an external design firm and their CFD or FEA analysts having expertise in virtual prototype testing prove very valuable.

Some benefits of CAE include:

  • Tool based testing with ANSYS CFX or ANSYS Fluent are cost effective
  • Virtual prototype testing give fast, safe, and accurate results
  • Design concepts proofs are available before manufacturing starts

TrueCADD’s CFD specialists have vast experience ranging from analyzing thermal and flow behavior of gas exhaust from chimney to CFD analysis of an airport area. While our FEA analysts can help you get insights on component and assembly design stress and safety limits to make necessary changes in geometry for optimum strength and material utilization.

Test designs with CAE and avoid manufacturing hazards.

Final words

At a time when the world fights an unknown enemy, manufacturers and design engineers, who contribute a fair share towards a better tomorrow, are advised to turn to time-tested solution of partnering with external experts.

Because talking about achieving accelerated engineering lead times, shorter design cycle and excellent product design engineering and making it happen are two different tasks. From planning a shorter design cycle and implementing will have specific set of roadblocks which needs to be carefully dealt with optimum resource usage.

Partnering an external engineering design support company that essentially acts as an extended design arm for your design units opens doors for better results.

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